Saturday, November 28, 2009

"A Slender Thread" anthology

And now, from Little Eagle Press, a second edition of A Slender Thread, the anthology of an exceptionally gifted group of writers, the Nota Bene Group, who are all followers of Norbert Blei; writer, teacher, mentor. The book is a gem of poetry, short prose, and great photography. Included are works by Albert DeGenova, Alice D'Alessio, Bobbie Krinsky, Cass Hale, Catherine Hovis, Don Fraker, Emily Rose, Jackie Langetieg, Jude Genereaux, Karen Yancey, Kris Thacher, Maja Jurisic, Ralph Murre, Richard Finch, Sharon Auberle, and Susan O'Leary.

A Note From the Editor . . .

There was once a group of writers.
There was, for many years, a teacher.
There was once a school and times there that felt, to the writers, almost vital to their survival. They thrived in that school, learned, put out work even they didn’t know they were capable of. They were happy. And then things changed, as they are wont to do. The teacher, for good reason, needed to move on to other things. The students were suddenly adrift, rudderless, lost.
Though the circumstances that had kept them close were gone, the group remained connected by a slender thread. They were supportive of, and inspirational to each other. This must not happen, we must remain connected, they all agreed, and so the Nota Bene Group was born—nota bene being Latin for note well, which is, of course, what a writer should always be doing. And a place was chosen—not the same place—changed things should not, must not, be the same. Little Sister Resort beckoned, drew the students in for a look. It was a warm and welcoming place, beautiful in its own, old Door County feel and the writers thought, yes, this could be the place.
Two teachers, former students of the old master, stepped up and offered to walk with the students. And the writers thought yes, this might work. And it did.
This book is the result.

- Sharon Auberle
A Slender Thread ISBN: 978-0-9823419-2-6
88 pp. w/ black & white illustrations
TO ORDER, send a check for $ 15 per copy ($12 + $3 for shipping) to Little Eagle Press, P.O.Box 684, Baileys Harbor, WI, USA, 54202, .
NOTE: Copies of the first edition of the book, which boasts full color illustrations and a recipe section(!) are still available, at greater cost. Write or email for details.
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